ACT test prep that fits your timetable

Whether you take pride in being the World’s Most Prepared Student or start your mornings with “wait, that test is TODAY?,” you could probably use at least a little help in preparing for a high-stakes test like the ACT®.

ACT offers free and paid test prep tools designed to help students get ready for test day. Whether you need to focus on a certain subject area (or many areas) of the test, or if tests make you nervous and test-taking strategies might help, or you have been procrastinating and the test is just days away, there is a test prep option for you.

Below, we offer suggestions for test prep that fits your schedule. Please keep in mind that each of these tools can be used anytime. However, if you need some long-term or short-term test prep, the tools below offer a good fit for your particular needs.

“I have months to prepare”

If you’re the type of student who craves a lot of prep work, there are many options to give you a “deep dive” into what you need to know.

ACT Online Prep (paid)—This web- and app-based resource includes a personalized prep path that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, with tools to track your progress and full-length practice tests to improve your comfort level on test day.

The Official ACT Prep Guide (paid)—Are you more comfortable with book learning? This guide provides full-length practice tests, with detailed explanations and practical tips on how to boost your score in each area.

ACT Prep Pack (paid)—This tool combines ACT Online Prep and The Official ACT Prep Guide to get the fullest possible prep experience.

“I have days to prepare”

Is test day just around the corner? We have tools to help students whose time is limited.

ACT Rapid Review (paid)—This tool provides live and on-demand instruction on preparing for the ACT. Choose the subject areas and delivery options that meet your budget and schedule.

ACT Academy (free)—This is a free online learning tool with videos, games, and other resources designed to help improve your ACT score and support your classroom learning.

Preparing for the ACT (free)—This free study guide gives you a taste of the ACT, familiarizing you with the test instructions and format, before offering a complete practice test.

“My ACT test is tomorrow!”

No worries! There is still time prepare and boost your comfort levels.

ACT Practice Tests (free)—Your ACT Club membership offers practice tests that give you the same experience as taking the actual ACT test.

You can also review these test strategies and review ways to keep your anxiety down. Don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast before the test, with plenty of time to arrive at the test center!

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